Hull partnership up for national award

We’re proud to share the news that a partnership we’re part of has been nominated for national award.

The Hull Citywide Developer Partnership has been shortlisted in the Best Housing Partnership category of the British Homes Awards.

This award recognises excellence in housing and community developments delivered by private and public sector partnerships.

The Hull Citywide Developer Partnership (HCDP) is a collaboration between ourselves, as commercial property developers, housing developers Keepmoat Homes, Strata Homes and affordable housing provider Home Group Limited, with Hull City Council as the client.

Our role has been to deliver the Monks Way retail development – at the heart of large new housing scheme of 1,700 homes in the Kingswood Parks area of the city.

It’s also been a pleasure to be involved in some of the wider shared aims of the partnership, for example ensuring the development creates training and employment opportunities for Hull people; and investing in community activity plus encouraging community involvement in all aspects of the regeneration scheme.

The HCDP aims to bring private investment of more than £500 million to the area over a 13-year period. Working with Hull City Council, the project aims to deliver 4,000 mixed tenure new homes and, in doing this, recruit 85 per cent local labour and create over 300 apprenticeship opportunities.

To date, the partnership is well on track and has developed 1,525 new homes, of which nearly 25 per cent are affordable homes. It has supported 44 traineeship placements and created 132 apprenticeships. The labour force across developments is 65 per cent local and this figure is rising.

The Partnership members are also signed up as ‘Business Angels’ in Hull and provide investment to support activities and projects that promote city as a vibrant place to live and work and as a tourist destination.

We’re very pleased to be a small but significant member of this hugely impactful partnership.

Monks Way was named through a local naming competition and opened in 2019. It provides ten high-quality and sustainable retail and service sector workplaces to a grocery store, bakery, veterinary practice, pharmacy, barbers, dental and skin care practice and two takeaways. Interest is being sought for last couple of remaining units. See more here.

The British Homes Awards will be announced on November 12th.